Custom Ringtones

Bored of the usual ringtones? Check out our custom ringtone services!

Custom iPhone Ringtones – $3 per Custom Ringtone

Custom Ringtone

  • - Up to 40 seconds (iPhone limit)
  • - This service is available online. Contact us!


Custom iPhone SMS Tones – $3 per Custom Ringtone


Whatsapp Tones – $3 per Custom Ringtone

Custom Whatsapp Ringtone



  • - We do not provide the ringtones so you have upload to a sharing site like or bring a storage device (e.g. USB Thumbdrive).
  • - Provide us the download link and tell us which segment of the provided song you would like, the limit of the ringtone is 40 seconds.
  • - Less than 5 minutes per service!


iPhone Custom Ringtones Enquiries

Please contact us at 6222 0545 or ask your questions on our Facebook or Twitter account.